How to remove watermark from video online

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How to remove watermark from video online

Name Uploading Status. A watermark remover software for users with any level of skill. What you can see on the video is what you can remove with the service. Quickly removed a date from my video filmed with my Panasonic. Ran the software online and it worked perfectly.

Really easy to use. Such a great way to remove logos. It's simple to use even for a beginner like me and you'll create a video without any watermark very quickly because every feature is self-explanatory.

how to remove watermark from video online

A very friendly interface that makes it easy to use again and again. You'll be up and running in a few seconds and you'll know everything you need to remove a watermark within several minutes. I'm a teacher and I got this for personal use and now all my colleagues are using it and loving it. Definitely a smart service.

Why free? It works far better than most I've used. Online Video Watermark Remover. Download Buy Now. Online Video Watermark Remover Never been eaiser to remove watermark from video. Remove Watermark from Video Supported formats: mp4, mkv, flv, mov, wmv, webm, 3gp, avi, asf, m4v, mpeg, mpg, ts.

Add Videos. Add Box es Erase. Apply this box to all videos Yes No. Download App.Many video creators tend to add watermarks, such as a logo, website name, in the corner even the center of their videos for copyright protection. When you make videos with a free video editing software, the videos usually come out with watermark. Watermark on a video, especially the center watermark, is an eyesore.

Luckily, there are watermark removers that can help you remove watermark from video in one click. This post will introduce 3 video watermark removal tools. Choose the one that best fits your need. As a matter of fact, you cannot completely remove a watermark from a video because the watermark is embedded in every frame of a video.

What a video watermark remover does is burring and disguising the watermark in the video. Therefore, you can also remove watermark from videos by a video editing software with a blur effect. PawEditor is a comprehensible video editing tool that can remove watermark from video in 3 ways:.

how to remove watermark from video online

You can handle watermark in different spots with different methods. PawEditor can not only remove watermark from videos but also cut videos, adjust color, size, music, subtitles on videos. Then you can begin to remove watermark from the video. Step 2 Click Effect and select Spot Remover from the effects library. Step 4 In the preview window, you should notice there is a blurry bar appearing on the video.

You can adjust parameters in the effect editing panel to remove watermark in the video. Blur: Adjust the blurring intensity. You want it to be able to remove the watermark while without damaging the video image. Shape: If the watermark is a line of text, blur it in the shape of a rectangle; to remove a round logo, blur it in the shape of a circle. Rotation: Rotate the blurry bar. Step 5 Press the Play button to view the result.

If it is OK, export the video without a watermark to save the change. Step 1 Right-click the video in the timeline and click "Crop". Step 2 Adjust the white dashed rectangle to select the area you want to keep, leaving out the watermark area.

Step 3 The watermark will be cropped out.Watermarks are often used by companies as their trademarks to protect the products they sell. Most of the time, it's a marketing strategy for them to get more customers to buy their products and programs. For a variety of reasons, you sometimes need to remove video watermarks. Hence, this article lists 3 common methods on how to remove watermark from video.

Video Watermark Remover Online | Choose the easy way!

For the people who like to download video clips are surely not unfamiliar with video watermarking. Like image watermarks, video watermarks exist to protect the copyright of works and prevent the illegal commercial dissemination. Of course, they may be just for advertising purposes. In general, the video watermark appears as text watermark and logo watermark.

For some reasons, people may want to remove the video watermark, but after trying some software, the effect is not ideal. Some users will ask how to remove watermark from video online?

I have to tell you that since video images are dynamic, it is impossible to completely remove watermarks from videos, so please don't fall for those bragging and false advertisements. At present, the 3 most common methods for removing video watermarks are also completed at the expense of a certain original video quality loss.

Read on and try the 3 common ways to remove video watermark. Free HD Video Converter Factory is a totally free yet powerful video cropper, which allows you to crop watermarks from videos in a short time.

How to Remove Watermark from Video without Any Hassles

Besides, you can cut your desired video clips with the free tool. To remove watermark from video free, a free video editing software is essential. In general, the video watermark appears in four corners of the video. In this case, the watermark can be removed by cropping the video with video watermark remover.

Step 3: Cut out the video watermark, and select the area to be reserved, and click OK. Step 4: Finally, click the Export project, customize the format and output directory, and click the Export project button to start to export video. Download it Download it to have a try now!You may find yourself in a situation in which you need to remove all watermarks from the video footage and luckily there are several different watermark removal software in which you can achieve this.

We've gathered some information that you may need in order to remove distracting watermarks that reduce the visual appeal of your videos. Removing watermarks from your videos with Wondershare Filmora9 video editing software is a simple and easy process. You don't have to be an experienced editor in order to complete these simple editing actions. All you need to do is select a method that best suits your needs and perform a simple action that is very easy to learn.

Let's have a look at some editing techniques you can use to remove watermarks from videos with Filmora9. And to remove the watermark from Filmora, you may need to subscribe. Even though this method will not remove the watermark from the video, it can be used to make it less obvious. The Filmora9's Mosaic feature will enable you to blur logos and all other on screen graphics with just a few clicks. Click Efeects at the top, and choose Utility at left and then click Mosaic to preview the effect. Click plus icon on the thumbnail on Mosaic or just drag-and-drop it into the track above the video.

After it is applied, a mosaic square will appear in the preview window, adjust its size or relocate it by simply dragging it to the area of the preview window where the watermark is positioned. If the video has more than one logo you need to cover, clicking plus icon will add another mosaic square to your project. Double click on the Mosaic effects in timeline, you can choose Blur Amount and Type to adjust the size and shape of mosaic. Click OK to apply the adjustment.

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You can also use the Mosaic effect to blur face or other object. This method will enable you to remove the watermark from your video completely, but the cropping method will also remove a part of the shot that is wide as the watermark. Cropping the area where the watermark is located isn't possible in any editor, so if you choose to crop the video be prepared to lose a certain amount the picture.

Once the footage you want to crop is placed on the video track in the Filmora9's timeline, right click on the clip to select Crop and Zoom. The crop window that enables you to crop video manually or by using automatic aspect ratios will appear on the screen.

From here you can simply reposition the corners of the cropping rectangle by dragging it as much as necessary to remove the watermark from the frame. You can keep the aspect ratio as original or change it based on your needs.

Click OK to apply the cropping effect and you have successfully removed a watermark from your video. Cons: As we said before, removing watermark by cropping video will crop out some frames as well. And this way only works when the watermark is located at the corner of the video.

Since cropping the watermark without losing a part of the frame simply isn't possible, replacing the existing watermark with the one the suits your needs is an option worth considering.

In order to do this, you first need to import the new logo using the Import Media feature and place it on the timeline. The next step is to set the duration of the new logo file to be as long as the original file so the previous watermark remains covered throughout the whole video. The new file you added to your project will be displayed in the preview window, simply drag the ends of the square to adjust its size and drag the image to place it over the watermark embedded in the video.

Your job is now complete since the watermark in the video is now replaced with the one you selected.

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There are some online tools which claimed to remove watermark from video online, I've found such an online tool named Video Watermark Remover Online. As you can see from the title, you don't need to download, which is very convenient. This online platform is designed to make the process of removing watermarks from videos as easy as it can be.

In fact, the steps to remove watermark in a video is easy too.

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All you need to do is upload a video file from which you want to remove the watermark by clicking on the Choose File icon and wait for the Video Watermark Remover to finish the job.

Basically, you can remove the watermark from video with 3 steps.As a copyright symbol on a video, watermark presents itself in different ways like shades of darkness, certain logos, or light-colored text to stop the video from being copied without authorization. However, there are many cases where we need to get these watermarks out of the videos. Then what should we do?

Read on and try the following ways to get the job done. Warning : Before getting to the point, keep in mind that you are not allowed to wipe off watermarks at will.

If you remove video watermarks for personal use without permission, you are likely to bear legal liability for copyright infringements.

As its name implies, this watermark remover tool is mainly used for erasing watermarks. Not only can it remove watermark from video, but also deleting watermark from image.


It has an intuitive and simple interface, and the steps to use it are self-explanatory. As soon as you open the software, you will know how to use it in a very short time, because it builds in a simple guide on the page. One of the best features is it supports to batch remove multiple watermarks from your videos. You can add as many videos as you want and remove them with one click.

The quality of the output videos will not be degraded after being processed. Another way to remove watermark from video is to cropping the watermark or adding mosaic over it.

With the help of BeeCutit is very easy to acquire. As a professional media file editing program which features comprehensive functionality in editing, it comes with various editing options like trimming, cropping, adding effect, layout, filter, text and many more.

Follow the instructions to do the job. Video Converter Studio is a comprehensive and stable video editor and converter. It can convert video to almost any required formats without any quality loss. It comes with strong editing features, which empower you to remove watermark from video with ease and edit video with various video effects.

But bear in mind, it only works when the video is watermarked with a timestamp. There are also some cases that you also need to add logo to video for this reason or that. This program also can satisfy this requirement.

This is another good solution on how to remove a watermark from a video. Based on its unique inpainting algorithm, it can analyze your video watermarks and remove watermarks like logos and subtitles without any visible traces. If your video contains many stubborn watermarks, the trial version may not satisfy your demands.

In addition, this video watermark remover will slightly damage the video quality after editing. All the three ways mentioned above are feasible solutions on how to remove watermark from video. By comparison, BeeCut is more suitable for any non-pro users, because not only can it assist you in getting rid of watermarks without a hitch, but it also keeps the video in the original quality.Video provides a great way to distribute information in a creative and entertaining way.

To protect the copyright of original videos, a watermark is always added. However, sometimes, we need to remove video watermark for only personal use. But how to remove video watermark? Here we offer 3 ways for video watermark removal. We do have online free solutions to remove watermark from videos without installing any 3rd party software check the following partbut if you want to remove fast and sucessfully, you may need a professional tool.

How to remove watermark from any video ( Renderforest ) with PC.

Here for both Mac and Windows PC users, we list following 4 apps to remove video watermark, they are all easy to use but works efficiently. Apowersoft Watermark Remover is designed to add and remove watermark from video or photo on windows.

More impressively, it adds the feature to remove TikTok logo. If you are a mac user, you can utilize iMovie, the free video editor program comes with macOS. In fact, I spent some hours trying to find a mac video watermark remover to directly remove the watermark, instead of cropping or replacing, and it seems that there is no choice for Mac but there are indeed some options to Windows users. Most of the solutions to remove video watermark on Mac is using a video editor to crop, blur or replace, such as Movavi video editor, Filmora, etc.

Of course, if have found some good tools to remove video watermark, please share with us in the comments. In my case, I tried at least 6 times to finally remove the watermark. A great part of users are looking for online free solutions to remove video watermark. Basing on this, we searched and tested several tools. However, quantity for online free video watermark removal is so small.

And among the tested online tools, even only 1 can work successfully sometimes to remove video watermark—Apowersoft Video Watermark Remover.

Simple Ways to Delete Watermark from Video

Apowersoft Video Watermark is the tool we need. As you can tell, this online free program works as a way to advertise for its desktop Watermark Removalwhich makes it understandable that this online program comes with limited features and performance that needs to improve.

Though it can work to remove video watermark successfully sometimes, I am more inclinded to recommend you using its desktop Watermark Removerwhich is more stable and can successfully remove the watermarks.

For example, the videowatermarkremoveronline, it does allows users to upload videos for watermark removal. However, when downloading the watermark-removed video, you are just redirected to other websites and required to signup for a gift card, there is no portal for downloading at all. As for another video watermark remover website, the Kapwing, it is not a real video watermark remover, the method to remove video watermark from this website is only to crop the video.

According to above, online free tools to remove video watermark is not recommended, you can go back and have a try on the apps we listed above for video watermark removal. So, the truth is, the tools designed to remove video watermark is still small in quantity, be it online or offline.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Apps to Remove Watermark from Video We do have online free solutions to remove watermark from videos without installing any 3rd party software check the following partbut if you want to remove fast and sucessfully, you may need a professional tool.

Remove watermark from image. Remove 1 or more watermarks from the same file. Add text or image watermark to video and photo. Share This Article facebook twitter linkedin pinterest. Related Posts.

April 6th, 0 Comments.When converting videos from optical discs or downloaded videos from websites, you may find some watermarks on the video images. Companies and creators usually use watermarks as their trademarks to protect their ownership of the products.

It is also a marketing strategy to get more customers. Sometimes, people need to remove watermark from video. The watermark that overlays the important content on video may influence the visual experiences. And if you want to use a video clip in your homemade movies, the watermark is also a big problem too.

Therefore, we are going to tell you how to remove watermark from video online and offline without any hassle on Windows and Mac in this article.

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Being loved by most people, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate would be most recommended to remove watermark from videos. Its main features include:. Install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and run it. You can find two ways to import videos on the top of the interface.

how to remove watermark from video online

They are "Load Disc" and "Add File". The "Add File" menu will import videos from local hard drives. After imported video, click "Edit" button to go to the built-in video editor window, and head to the "Crop" tab on the top.

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On the Original Preview panel, drag and move the control points on the border to enclose all areas you want to keep, and make sure not to include the watermark area.

Look at the output preview panel, and hit "Apply" button if you are satisfied with the result. When everything is prepared, click "Convert" button in the main interface, wait a few minutes, then you can get the converted video. If you want to watch the video on mobile devices, Video Converter Ultimate is able to convert the video format for iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

Sometimes, cropping the watermark area may destroy the video images. So, to protect our videos quality, replacing watermark with your logo is the alternative solution to remove watermark from video. Launch Video Converter Ultimate and add the video clips that you want to deal with into the media library area. Select the video, hit "Edit" on top of the interface and go to the Watermark tab. Then the video will show up on the output preview panel. Select "Text" and write down some characters in the box.

Then hit the "T" button to reset the font, size, color and other parameters. If you want to add a picture as watermark, select "Picture" instead and drop your picture by hitting the three-dot button. Next, put your logo on the proper position by dragging the control points or changing the parameters of Watermark area. Then reset the "Transparency" to cover original watermark completely. Finally, click on the "Apply" button to confirm it.

In addition to crop and add new watermark, there are other effective ways to remove watermark from video, such as blurring, covering and removing. It is two-in-one software for you to edit videos on Windows and Mac and make slideshow with pictures, photos, videos and music.

By the built-in filters, users can select the appropriate one to blur the watermark. Double click it to install the software. The program will show you the interface like this.


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