Eso ilambris vs zaan

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Eso ilambris vs zaan

Each effect can occur once every 8 seconds. Monster Sets have only Head and Shoulders pieces that provide unique bonuses. You can wear both pieces to get the full set bonus or combine one piece with another piece from another Monster Set. To proc it reliably Magicka characters often use a Flame Staff on their main bar with a Shock damage enchantment. Like this you can get both types of damage at the same time and boost your DPS. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Non Necessary non-necessary. Functional functional.Hades is a Magicka Necromancer PVE Build that relies on strong Elemental damage and assistance from your undead minions to destroy enemies. The idea behind Hades is to use your Undead minions to deal damage but also as a source of corpses for you to exploit. Many Necromancer skills use corpses as fuel to boost your DPS and create specific effects. The ability of the Magicka Necromancer to also use elemental damage makes this build easy to use and powerful.

You can read my Magicka Beginner Build guide if you are new to magicka roles.

Must Have Magicka DPS Sets for Elder Scrolls Online

Zaan as Monster Set. Ilambris as an alternative monster set. A strong option that is very easy to farm. Effective against single enemies but also groups of targets. Elemental Succession is a nice alternative. Perfect Mantle of Siroria. The standard version of Siroria is very easy to obtain.

Maelstrom Arena. Zaan Head: Veteran Scalecaller Peak. Ilambris Shoulders: Glirion the Redbeard. Elemental Catalyst : Stone Garden Dungeon. Dedicated group focused build to achieve the best damage possible. Law of Julianos : Wrothgar — Crafted. Force Pulse is a good spammable to use when solo. Degeneration : Strong damage skill that also provides Major Sorcery.

Skeletal Arcanist : Our undead minion that assists with shock attacks. Also creates a corpse on death. Stalking Blastbones : Great offensive skill that also creates a corpse. We use this skill to fuel our Mystic Siphon with corpses. Mystic Siphon : Deals good shock damage but also replenishes our Magicka. Essential skill for our DPS and sustain that passively increases our damage when slotted.We will discuss some of the best magicka sets that are available at the moment and why they are most commonly used, this article is here to support my builds on the website and to give alternative options.

This is a must have for every endgame player, the weapon will increase your dps by around k. This is a huge overall buff to your single target damage as your Light and Heavy Attacks will deal way more damage.

Most builds have the skill on the backbar, that is also where your Maelstrom Staff should be otherwise the buff will not apply. The perfect version has an additional spell damage bonus, the unique five piece bonus is exactly the same on both sets.

The perfect version has an additional magicka bonus, the unique five piece bonus is exactly the same on both sets. Siroria drops in Cloudrest which is located in Summerset.

In terms of raw strength this is the strongest set in the game, with one little downside to it as it is quite difficult to keep all stacks up.

eso ilambris vs zaan

When Siroria is fully charged you can get a whooping Spell Damage from this set, technically even more because modifiers also affect the set.

You can reach a maximum of 10 stacks with this set. Spell Strategist is one of the top tier single target sets.

In addition, you can also frontbar the set only and still get crazy uptimes of the debuff on the enemy that increases your spell damage. The spell damage can also be further increased with modifiers like increased spell damage from the Major Sorcerery buff. Keep in mind that this set is pure single target, that means it will only work on one specific enemy at a time. Therefore the set has one big downside, you will loose a lot of damage on AoE.

Mother's Sorrow can be found in Deshaan. This is currently the most used set and works well in combination with Siroria or Spell Strategist.

It gives a huge amount of extra spell critical. Most builds frontbar this set, you will loose the bonus once you swap to the backbar but it is only a minor loss.

eso ilambris vs zaan

Most builds are focused around frontbar so you should not stay for too long on the backbar to minimize the loss of the five piece set bonus. I can highly recommend this set for most situations, it is very strong for both Single Target and AoE damage. Burning Spellweave drops in City of Ash 1 and 2. It is also one of the stronger sets in terms of spell damage.

eso ilambris vs zaan

The nice thing about the set is that you can frontbar it only and once the set is activated, the buff will stay even when you go to your backbar.

The only downside is that the uptime is not always high as you need some sort of fire damage to proc the set. Law of Julianos is a craftable set, the crafting station is located in the west of Wrothgar in the Boreal Forge.

Magicka Necromancer PVE Build ESO

This is one of the most used sets, it can be easily acquired because it can be crafted. It is recommended to run this set fully bared, so the spell damage is always active, the spell damage can also be further increased by modifiers like Major Sorcerer. Elemental Succession drops in the Maelstrom Arena on normal and veteran.

That is more spell damage than any other set offers but you have to be careful, it only works on Flame, Shock or Frost damage! Necropotence drops in Rivenspire.The idea behind the build is to let your pets do the hard work for you while you are supporting them with additional damage. Zaan as Monster Set.

Ilambris as an alternative monster set. A strong option that is very easy to farm. Effective against single enemies but also groups of targets. An excellent magicka DPS set, good to deal with single targets and groups of enemies. Zaan Head: Veteran Scalecaller Peak. Ilambris Shoulders: Glirion the Redbeard. Maelstrom Arena. This setup is for dedicated group gameplay, to achieve the best damage possible. Maw of the Infernal is a nice Monster Set alternative, if you wish to add one more Pet to your army.

Necropotence : Rivenspire, Overland. Law of Julianos : Wrothgar — Crafted. Crystal Fragments : A skill with insane burst damage that also helps with our sustain. Bound Aegis : We use this skill to get the Max. Magicka bonus. No need to activate it when fighting. Summon Volatile Familiar : One of our two Pets.

Volatile Familiar can DPS and stun enemies with its ability. Summon Twilight Tormentor : Our other Pet. When playing solo replace it with the Summon Twilight Matriarch morph as your only self-heal ability. Summon Charged Atronach : Our primary Ultimate. Summons another strong Pet that stuns enemies and deals shock damage. Unstable Wall of Elements : Our great AOE shock damage that sets concussed enemies off balance and explodes for more damage at the end.

Elemental Drain : A very important skill for our sustain. Debuffs the enemies with Major Breach and returns magicka to us thanks to its minor magickasteal effect.

Shooting Star : Our secondary Ultimate. Good to use if you want to build up your Ultimate fast. Your Pets do all the hard work making this build very new-player friendly or an excellent option for some stress-free farming.

Drink a potion, apply Elemental Drain when solo and set your Barbed Trap. Continue with Elemental Weapon x When Crystal Fragments procs and is instant use it immediately.

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Use your Summon Charged Atronach Ultimate when it is ready. Heal yourself with Summon Twilight Matriarch when solo. Follow me on Youtube. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

Online: Ilambris

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Leave a Reply. I've read some stuff but haven't found anything that exactly applies to my play style. I'm running a 2 pet sorc, with the bird on the healing morph.

I have 5 piece necropotence, 4 piece arch mage, and 2 piece illambris currently. My staves are both lightning with flame enchant. This character rarely plays in a full party, I'm often doing something solo like trying out VMA, or doing some pledges with 1 bud. Given how I play this sorc, I feel like Illambris is not the right monster set. Given enemies are typically on the move, the small circle of Illambris damage isn't always hitting things.

The next viable options I see on the list are Valkyn or Grothdarr. I see pros and cons to both but I'm unsure of which will be better in my setup. Will the dots from blockade and liquid lightning proc Valkyn often enough? Do pet attacks work to proc Grothdarr? I like that Valkyn is a 1-and-done hit but I also like that I can control Grothdarr by positioning myself. I know the easy answer is to go get both sets and try it all out myself, but to save some time and grief I'd appreciate any input on the topic, which monster set is best to use in the long run given mostly non-party play in VMA, and just duo play in some vet pledges.

Thanks in advance. January I don't like Skoria for vMA because the delay on the proc causes it to fire on an enemy that's already dead. If you like to kite enemies around in vMA I don't recommend this but I've seen it quite a bit Grothdar isn't really a good option either.

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